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Computer Repair and Programming


    My role as a DCSA involves managing user accounts and security group memberships. Administer Active Directory Users and Computers. Remotely assisting with new user profile set up including Outlook, Lync, proxy, installing a network printers from VBScript and setting up scanned image destination. Use Sysprep to customize Windows 7, ghost imaging and joining computers to a domain.
    • Administer Active Directory Users and Computers for over 170 department users.
    • Clearing out network password lockouts and resetting network passwords.
    • Logging to customer’s machines using Remote Tool and performing support functions.
    • Moving workstations w/users and reconfiguring users to use closest copiers.
    • Performing smoke test after installing software on client machines.
    • Migrating Windows XP and Vista to Windows 7 without losing user data.
    • Building and restoring Windows 7 images and cloning disks.
    • Advanced virus and malware infections removal.
    • Respond to technical requests sent by employees; hardware, software, general inquiries based on SLA.
    • Analyze, research, and troubleshoot various technology issues until resolution is met.
    • Strong use of incident reporting system, AD, Outlook, Command Prompt, disaster recovery.
    • Support various network/VoIP related connection issues with desktops, laptops, and printers.
    • Support network share adds/removes, browser proxy configurations, and file backups.


    • Handled all phases of SQL Server 2012 install and support for new and existing clients
    • Migrated SQL database for RS Universal to a dedicated hosted solution at Colo 5.
    • Wrote a custom SQL query script to backout weekly billing for Sanitation Salvage in Bronx, NY
    • Administered and setup AD, configured SQL security on SQL 2008 R2 installation and created data base management plans,
    • RemoteApp set up and deployment on a dedicated Server 2012 farm. An example can be viewed at: https://remoteapp1.desertmicrohosting.com/RDWeb/
    • Set up database mirroring for 10 hosted clients at Colo 5 for increased database availability and data redundancy
    • Installed database for US Waste in AZ and configuring application in a week.
    • Set up a local distribution at RRES in Rockford, IL and created merge and snapshot publications.
    • Configuring merge and snapshot replication subscriptions for 10 remote area scale houses running SQLExpress instances.
    • Document and audit SQL server instances and databases
    Skills used
    MSSQL 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, SSMS, T-SQL, Crystal Reports, Citrix, VMWare


  • Experience with Linux/Unix and Windows set up and troubleshooting, Apache, PHP, CSS, Visual Studio 2010, ASP .NET, C#, NetBeans, HTML, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, Microsoft Office
  • Experience with SSH, FTP, RDP, TELNET protocols.
  • Experience with MySQL Community Server 5.1 and SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Experience with LAMP, and database administration tools such as phpMyAdmin
  • Experience with CMS such as Drupal, Jaws, and WordPress, KooBoo, SubText
  • Experience with virtualization software for desktops & servers such as VMWare.
  • Experience with how to disassemble and reassemble a computer
  • Experience with troubleshooting major components on a motherboard including the BIOS, CPU, memory, and expansion slots
  • Experience with Bash Shell programming, BATCH programming, C++, and JAVA


  • 05/2010, B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science at Jacksonville University


Dean's List

Project Experience

UNIX/LAMP 2008-Present

PHP/MySQL 2008-Present

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